LUCKY Realty Co., Ltd - Cambodia Real Estate Agency


The LUCKY Realty Company was established in 2014 and has got the Full Licenses from the Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia, the Kingdom of Cambodia for the legal name of LUCKY Realty Co., Ltd. The company has grown to become the number one Real Estate Company in Cambodia and has its significant spotlight on commercial and residential which incorporates both investments, renting and resale. We believe in "honesty, integrity, and trust is the end result" and wants you to encounter outstanding results for your business from the minute you begin working with our company. We know our job isn't finished once our client does not get good availability of purchases or leases their property. We're here to guarantee your moving transition goes as smoothly as possible.



LUCKY Realty’s regulations and policies conform to international standards of business ethics in the delivery of real estate services (buy, sell and rent), valuation/appraisal and more. The management and staff of LUCKY Realty provide the best services to its clientele in an absolutely honest, reliable, confident, independent and efficient. 

Our Vision & Mission:

▪ To be a business sector pioneer in the field of real estate consultancy services, globally.

▪ To provides the highest ethical and uphold the highest standard of professional real estate services and solutions to the property owner and buyers or tenants.

▪ To educate and advise the property owner or sellers and buyers toward effective real estate investment to boost their profits.

▪ To work as per our maxim of correspondence, trust, and returns.

▪ To focus on building the trust relationship with our regard clients for the long-term business corporation.


Our Team:

We form a team of young and a dynamic, like-minded management graduates with a good experience in the real estate market, ready to provide our esteemed customers with an efficient and transparent system by implementing some of the most unique and innovative ideas in our dealings.


We are professional in:

▪ Real Estate Services (Buy, Sales and Rental)

▪ Properties Valuation/Appraisal

▪ Business valuation for merger and acquisition

▪ Assets and machinery valuation

▪ Property Management services and consultancy

▪ Project Feasibility Study